This uses these simple tools:
o a camera (for the jpeg)
o a computer (for the conversion)
o netpbm utils for jpeg->postscript conversion
o ghostscript for postscript -> pdf conversion
o pdfjam (to stitch the PDF files into a single file)

Start with pictures you’ve taken on your camera, download those to your computer of choice.

Use the netpbm and ghostscript utilities: jpegtopnm and pnmtops and ps2pdf like:

$ jpegtopnm IMG_20110708_105431.jpg | pnmtops | ps2pdf - img1.pdf
pnmtops: warning, image too large for page, rescaling to 0.309375
pnmtops: writing color PostScript…

Use pdfjoin to link all of the images together like:

pdfjoin --paper letterpaper --outfile /tmp/output.pdf IMG*.pdf

Note you now have a PDF of all pages in /tmp/output.pdf!