The long and sad story of complying with ARIN policies with respect to private residence SWIP information.

Essentially ths tory is this:

1) you are a FiOS customer
2) you decide you want ‘static ip addresses’
3) you realize this means you need to switch from ‘residential service’ to ‘business service’
4) you realize you want more than 1 IP address

you start paying (note that paying for ip addresses is also against the ARIN policies) 40$/month for 5 ip addresses, you then realize that your personal information is being included in the SWIP data ala:

Verizon Internet Services Inc. VIS-BLOCK (NET-71-240-0-0-1) -
Maysenstein,Sally FTTP (NET-71-246-230-120-1) -

So, you call tech support (1-800-553-1555) and open 6 tickets talking to 6 different techs, all of which say: “if you want to make that info private you can’t cause it’s a business account, get a residential account and it’ll all be private”. Note that the logic of: “I want static ips, so I must have business service” is lost on the tech support folks, all save one I talked to today a nice fellow named: “Laston”. (most even implied it was illegal effectively to privatize this information, despite the ARIN policy bits that clearly state it as an option, and even include wording to this effect in the reassign-simple.txt)

Finally the answer is basicaly you can initiate this change on your own without involving tech support, email your request to: and within the day your information will turn into:

Verizon Internet Services Inc. VIS-BLOCK (NET-71-240-0-0-1) -
Private customer - Verizon Internet Services Inc. FTTP (NET-71-246-230-120-1) -

How very nice of Verizon, please take the time to thank the IPMGMT folks (Mike L in particular).