Take the LSI firmware crapola from (LSI Firmware Download (9650SE)) and make a bootable USB stick.

o Download the firmware zip file.
o Download a dos boot image Pioneer boot image iso
o make a simple dos filesystem in a file

mkdosfs -C -v new.img `expr 120 \* 1024`

o mount the src/dst images and copy crap-from-pioneer + lsi-foo onto the new dos image

$ mkdir src dst
$ mount -o loop win.img src
$ mount -o loop new.img dst
$ cp src/* dst
$ cp lsi-foo/* dst
$ umount src
$ umount dst
$ rmdir src dst

o Copy in the bootblock data from the pioneer image to the new dos file image

# count=3 would suffice to get the jump instructions, 11 is for additional 8 byte OEM string
dd if=win.img of=new.img bs=1 count=11 conv=notrunc
# the boot code proper
dd if=win.img of=new.img bs=1 skip=62 seek=62 count=448 conv=notrunc

o dd new image onto usbstick

$ dd if=new.img of=/dev/sdb1

boot with joy?